Forecasts for the Future of Animated Explainer Videos

//Forecasts for the Future of Animated Explainer Videos

Forecasts for the Future of Animated Explainer Videos

It’s without a doubt that animated explainer videos are integral to engaging prospective customers into taking action. A video is a potent digital marketing tool because it increases your website’s dwell time and enables businesses to pass their brand messages across clearly and fast. While experts in the explainer video niche say that animated explainer videos are the future, it’s not entirely true. That’s why this article is going to illuminate you on the projections of the future of animated explainer videos that you should know as a business owner:

1) Whiteboard explainer videos are quickly losing their popularity

Whiteboard explainer videos rocked after their inception in 2007. The magic of a hand drawing and erasing on a whiteboard was so alluring that whiteboard explainer videos became a hit. Business owners preferred them because the technique was quite simple and the videos hypnotized viewers. Flash forward to today, and they are slowly losing their popularity. The downward spiral came when everyone else started using whiteboard animated explainer videos. In a matter of months, the market was saturated with low-quality, less creative and less impactful whiteboard explainer videos. That’s why it’s hard to see a whiteboard explainer video that goes viral these days.

2) 3D animated explainer videos are on the rise

3 D animated explainer videos are taking the place of whiteboards because they are affordable and better-looking. However, you should know that some business models work better with 3D animation than others. For example, the 3D animation makes more sense for businesses that deal with physical products. And business owners can create a lifelike prototype of their vision with 3D technology.

3) All animated explainer videos are being designed for mobile viewing

Everyone now knows that mobile devices are abundant today than ever, and people want to search and watch things online on the go. Because of this, all business owners and marketers are making their animated explainer videos easy to view on mobile. And this trend is expected to continue.

4) The focus is on short-form animated explainer videos

With concentration span of humans shorter (8 minutes), long-form animated explainer videos will not cut it today. There is a lot that people want to accomplish in their day-to-day lives, such as reading other content, catching up with friends and family, doing house chores and more. That’s why short-form explainer videos attract a ton of views compared to long ones.

Projections are made now and then about animated explainer videos, but it doesn’t mean that they will turn out to be true. You never know, maybe whiteboard explainer videos may pop again in the future. What is certain though is that every animated explainer video will be optimized for mobile, given that the devices are increasing at a frantic pace.

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